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Logo IBNJ 4

IN USE Baptist Church Logo

Magnificat Logo



IN USE Inspired for a company dedicated to Kids events, a monkey and royalty.


IN USE For a company dedicated to writing products and loves octopus.

Omega Sound Logo 2

$25 Omega Symbol Like Music Logo.

Logo Iglesia

$10 Logo designed for a Church. It means "Chosen, Sealed and Anointed."

J Face

$125 Ideal for any brand starting with J. A logo that brings a unique and vivid experience.


IN USE Graphic Designer Luis "Hyperagua" official Logo.

MarineDogs Logo

$50 Logo that represents seafood dog food.

San Juan Kendo Club

SOLD Logo designed for the San Juan Kendo Club (Puerto Rico).


$50 Logo designed for a eco-friendly bottled water company.

ChapterStarsts Logo

IN USE Official ChapterStarts Logo.

HealthPro Med

SOLD Logo designed for a Med Program.


IN USE Logo designed for a Spanish spiritual counseling Page called "Secretos del Mundo Espiritual". Each sphere represent a human dimension (physical, mental, social and spiritual).

Luturas Logo

IN USE Logo designed for a Trading Card Game that features a lot of creatures and gems.

InfoGRAPHIC Posters

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Jazz Festival Poster

Poster made for the 22nd Holyoke Community College Jazz Festival (2019).

Business Plan

Basic Business Plan Infographic Poster.

Shaolin Kung Fu Promo

Recruitment Poster with the option for people to cut off the phone number.

Websites Designs

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Website designed by us "Secretos del Mundo Espiritual".


Website designed by us: luturas.com


Website designed by us: ChapterStarts.

Traditional Art

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Butter Cat Tile

Abstract Inking Drawing

Deep Sea Fruits

Surrealistic Acrylic Painting

Conte Horse Skull

Perspective Drawing using Conte.

Deep Universe

Surrealistic Acrylic Painting

Monochromatic Animals Collection: Ow

This is 1 part of 4 Animals Acrylic Collection called: Monochromatic Animals Collection. This is one is the Owl.


This is 1 part of 4 Animals Acrylic Collection called: Monochromatic Animals Collection. This is one is the Siberian Husky.


151.A MissingNo Stained Glass
151 Mew Stained Glass
150 Mewtwo Stained Glass
182 Bellossom Medallion
Commissioned Pokemon Trainer and Team
Chibi Yami Yugi
Hope Crest
Libro 3 Portada

Imágenes para la Portada del Libro 3 de Luturas XP

Commissioned Hatch Hadanny

Commissioned "Hatched Bunny Egg"

Luturas 2019 Summer ULTRA HD

Luturas Chapter Scene

Zid Ultima FlameBeam

Armored Zid, from the Graphic Novel called Luturas.

2019 Pulp City Magazine Cover

Holyoke Community College 2019 Magazine, Pulp City Covers.

LutuManga 3

Manga B/W Page


OCs without outlines.

Luturas XP Book Covers

Graphic Novel Covers, Luturas XP.

Fan Art

For Fan Art please go to hyperagua.deviantart.com

Luturas Font

An original Font called Luturas.